Live Chat

Tips for the live chat:

Click on 'Reply' To directly reply to someone, click ‘Reply’ at the end of a line of chat. This ‘threads’ your questions and answers, making it easier to read and understand.


Speech bubble shows the conversation

Clicking on on the speech bubbles shows you the question that was asked. It shows you the threaded conversation as long as everyone clicks ‘Reply’ to direct message.


Delete students comments Teachers, delete students lines of chat if you think they’re inappropriate, repetitive or silly. Click on the trash can icon next to the line of chat you’d like to remove, and it will disappear.


Temporarily ban students from chatting

Teachers, you can also temporarily ban students from chatting by clicking on the warning icon – they can still watch the chat, but can’t type until the suspension timer runs out. The timer is set by the moderator at the start of the chat.