• Question: whats your favourite past time?

    Asked by Ryan_g42 to Ruairi, Anna, Ollie, Tiziana, Nessan, Mahnaz on 4 Mar 2020. This question was also asked by buzz020cup, Pb.
    • Photo: Anna Zakrzewska

      Anna Zakrzewska answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      Reading and crafting, both boost imagination and creativity 🙂

    • Photo: Ollie Otter

      Ollie Otter answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      I love outdoor activities such as surfing, climbing, hiking and tag rugby, but I also enjoy reading books, making photographs and playing on my guitar

    • Photo: Ruairi Williamson

      Ruairi Williamson answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      Reading, learning and sailing. I love being close to the water!