• Question: How do you know if machines are going to break down?

    Asked by Joseph to Ruairi, Ollie on 5 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Ruairi Williamson

      Ruairi Williamson answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      Many machines, such as cars, diggers and aeroplanes have tiny, small computers which measure and monitor how that machine is performing. We can use simple parameters such as temperature and vibration to predict a breakdown!

      If a machine gets too hot, there is a problem. That is something we want to avoid!

    • Photo: Ollie Otter

      Ollie Otter answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      If a machine starts spewing smoke where it’s not supposed to, or starts feeling warmer or make more noise than it should, well, then it’s probably time to either cut the power or start running!